Killer Feature of Google Chrome; UI For Closing Tabs

You can throw any amount of browser speed benchmarks at me, show me how your browser has a lesser memory footprint, and/or reduced cpu load, but you won’t convince me to switch my browser from Google Chrome to something else. Well, not right away. That is, until Chrome does something terribly wrong, or other browsers pick up on some of the UI gems that Chrome has, or at least one of them. Read on…
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Mouse Issues on Mac OS X

No other laptop manufacturer has got their trackpad as awesomely right as Apple. Their new line of multitouch enabled gestures based trackpads on Macbooks and Macbook pros, and release of Magic Trackpad for desktops is an awesome traditional mouse replacement.

I have always despised trackpads on any other laptop I’ve ever used. They are very basic, small, with left/right mouse buttons just not placed in a way to be easy on your palm position. You have to actually adjust your hand when shifting between cursor movement, and clicking. Their sensitivity level is also hard to adjust, and the whole moving your finger on top of it experience just isn’t fun. In one word, they are just plain “ugly”.┬áBut all of these problems go away with Apple’s trackpad. The trackpad itself is a button, so you don’t need to adjust your hand during movement/clicking. And the overall multitouch gestures experience is on a whole new level.
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Laptop Battery Care Guide

Lithium-ion batteries (or Li-ion batteries, sometimes LIB, in short) have become the most widely used rechargeable batteries that are used in all kinds of consumer electronics, mainly laptops, PDAs, smart phones, and iPods etc. They have almost completely replaced older types of batteries e.g. NiCd. While they do offer significant advantages over older technologies, these are expensive, and not without their flaws if not used properly.

How long did your first laptop’s li-ion battery last? How long did your second? Having a degraded battery in your mission critical devices can severely damage your productivity, and make it impossible to stay in touch with digital world, on the run. That’s why it is important to know how a li-ion battery works, and how to keep it working in good health, for a longer period of time.
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